micro roasters of speciality coffees

Dogburgs is a micro roastery that only roasts speciality coffee from the most sought after regions in the world.

Our primary aim is to be fair and transparent in everything we do; we know the exact farms and co-operatives from which our coffee is sourced. This enables us to ensure the farmers and farm workers were not exploited and receive a fair price for their coffee.

our commitment

We are committed to:


provide great tasting coffee

Sourcing the beans & roasting them to perfection.... this is essentially what we do. We have travelled the world to learn all about coffee - from growing to harvesting to roasting to barista and ultimately consumption. We've learned from people at all stages of the process to intricately understand what is required for great tasting coffee.


reinvest in others

As a company, we believe giving back is ultimately the most important way we can help those who are not as fortunate as ourselves. Therefore, we are pledging to ring fence 20% of our profits on reinvestment into people like the farmers and communities who grow and process the coffee cherries and without whom we would not have these exquisite coffees. We also want to help those closer to home and will provide support to small local charities who really need it. Read more....


be approachable

We want to take the pretence out of specialty coffee through our friendly and open approach thus generating conversation and educating people in the process.